Tensostrutture (Tensile Structures) is the second thematic exhibition organised by our studio and addressed to Faenza citizens after Terremoto! (Eartquake!), inaugurated in April 2017.
The theme of the exhibition was tensile structures, a type of construction that we studied over the years and that has very interesting potentials.
Regarding the panels and organisation of contents, we took inspiration directly from the systems of tensile structures, creating three big sails-like walls.
The route was developed starting from the main characteristics of tensile structures, proceeding with the work of two great engineers, Frei Otto and Massimo Majowiecki, and ending with our research projects. We positioned the scale model of our crossing plan for the Straits of Gibraltar on the big central table, provided with an historical and technical explanation.
The exhibition was opened to the public from March 2018 to April 2018 and it remained visitable on reservation until the end of the year.