In the course of the years, our activity developed also in the field of religious buildings restorations. We design solutions that are equally innovative and efficient, in line with the historical and structural restrictions of every specific case.


Intervention proposal for Chiesa della Commenda (2002, Faenza, RA)

The building is a masonry construction that dates back to the XII century and which today shows numerous structural problems, including a collapse towards the outside of the arcade’s wall and the bell tower’s cracking.
Our plan for securing the building involves the use of extradossal (not in sight) steel tie-rods to contain the trusts of the vault and the nave, in order to contrast the overturning of the wall and strengthen the bell tower. The flight of internal stairs of the bell tower will be replaced by a steel trellis, which will strengthen the structure and keep it flexible in case of earthquake.

Intervention made for Chiesa di S. Domenico
(2002, Faenza, RA)

In addition to several “traditional” interventions, we reinforced the vault of the choir with a series of flying buttress made of lamellar wood, which are “stitched” to the underlying masonry vault through carbon fibre bandages.

Intervention proposal for Chiesa di S. Ippolito
(2004, Faenza, RA)

Since the triumphal arch showed big structural failures in the imposts and needed the introduction of a chain, we proposed to intervene by integrating an invisible extradossal tie-rod truss inside the space of the church.
The solution was greatly praised by the Superintendence, even if it was not implemented due to cost reasons.