Our project for a Mars base represents a further evolution of our research in the space field. The extraterrestrial colony consists of a large dome with a geodesic geometry placed upon the planet’s surface. The structure can be built using a combination of 3D printed parts (made from materials sintered in situ) with elements transported from Earth, and then assembled on site.

Similarly to our studies presented in Living in space, the Mars base is protected from cosmic space radiation by an electromagnetic field around the colony. This invisible shield is generated with a set of cables, which are arranged along the parallels of an ideal sphere and supported by rigid circular elements along the meridians.

In turn, the structure supports the elements of an overhead crane. This allows both the construction by means of the “additive manufacturing” technique and makes the necessary maintenance of the elements of the large external glass window (composed of triangular modules) possible.

Inside the dome we will find gardens, parks, and lakes, as well as a series of inhabited inter-floors overlooking the large illuminated volume and with a view towards the dunes of the red planet.

Our project appeared in the Italian newspapers La Stampa and Repubblica, in L’Ufficio Tecnico magazine (published by Maggioli), in the issue n. 25 of lifestyle magazine The Good Life, and in the issue n. 21 (October 2021) of Cosmo magazine.

Studies and researches


Outside view of the dome (rendering)

Inside view of the dome, with gardens and inter-floors (rendering)

Construction details of the geodesic structure

Simulation of the magnetic field around the dome

Outside nocturnal view of the dome (rendering)